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Books that seem to have gained the most support are:

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
1984 - George Orwell
Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (or Emma) - people wanted Austen, and I think these two are probably the best
Cloudstreet - Tim Winton your chance to get into some Australian literature
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez again, alternatives by him if everyone's read this are Love in a time of Cholera and The General in his Labyrinth.
The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

If everyone could comment with their top three of these (in order), then we should be able to come with a list of what we're going to read.

Also - if anyone is going to have any problems getting hold of these titles (though I think most are multinational) let us know, and we'll see what we can do or remove it from the list:)

There are plenty more suggestions, and if any occur to you, just add them in the suggestions post (linked on the comm info) and eventually we'll hope to get through them all!
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:07 pm (UTC), jenish commented:
What a wonderful list! It was hard picking a top three, but here they are:

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen [because Austen is always worth another re-read :D]
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez [which is pretty high on my to-read list anyway, and I have it, which is a bonus]
Cloudstreet - Tim Winton [because I have neither heard of it nor read it, and I like new book recs]
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:10 pm (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
What a wonderful list! - Well hopefully we'll get through them all.

Tim Winton is an Australian writer, recommended by all the aussies here - I should add that so people know (I'd never heard of him before either)
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On October 23rd, 2005 08:57 am (UTC), magikalcrab replied:


Fancy seeing you here.

Seriously, Tim Winton ... I'd WEEP if I ever thought you would read his stuff. He's just so bad.*

* IMHO, that is. Other people love him. I can't stand the jackass.
On October 23rd, 2005 03:50 pm (UTC), jenish replied:

I'll keep that in mind, and get a padded copy of the book so I can throw it at the wall ;)
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On October 23rd, 2005 11:44 pm (UTC), magikalcrab replied:

Its got to be said, Tim Winton is the only writer's books where I would fully advocate and indeed encourage the use of fire, shredders and every other impliment of destruction possible.
On October 24th, 2005 04:21 am (UTC), beanzy replied:
NO NO NO NO NO he doesn't win awards for nothing!

His books are the most moving and wonderful books I have ever read. Cloudstreet blew my mind. (and the mind of many many others)

I know we are entitled to our opinions, but I'm going to go with the rest of Australia and say OMGZ TIM WINTON IS MY BIATCH!

*still loves you just as much tho*
On October 24th, 2005 11:01 pm (UTC), jenish replied:
SURELY NOT THE FIRE? I had nightmares after reading two pages of Farenheit 451. Gah.
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:14 pm (UTC), __neongenesis commented:
Mmmm... I'm slightly gutted at the Austen seeing as I really can't stand her but I shall put up with it...

My top three:
1. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
2. Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham [soooo much love for Wyndham]
3. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

♥ x
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:16 pm (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
Well I can't stand Wuthering Heights, so we'll be even! But really it's good if we don't all think the same -makes for healthy debate *g*
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:20 pm (UTC), __neongenesis replied:
Oh my God! I had NO idea you hated Wuthering Heights...
Healthy debate is always good though!! ;)
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On October 22nd, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC), ladykatiewench commented:
Mmmm....pretty books!!

My favs:
1. Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (although we would *have* to read one of the abridged versions because it would take forever to read the full with all our crazy RLs...but still, this book makes me very happy)
2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (oh yeah, baby...Mr. Darcy!)
3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (I grew up on this one...so sweet)

But, of course, they all look wonderful!

Also, because I just thought of these, some other books that might add a bit of flavor to any future discussions (since we have the current list to get through...they may be far into the future):
I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Just suggestions for later!
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On October 22nd, 2005 05:14 pm (UTC), green_queen commented:
1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - because I have to read it before the film comes out.
2. Day of the Triffids - because TRIFFIDS!
3. 1984 - just because I haven't yet.

You asked for geeks, it's your own fault.
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On October 22nd, 2005 06:31 pm (UTC), french_hobbit commented:
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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On October 22nd, 2005 09:25 pm (UTC), dear_prudence commented:
*is excited*

My top 3:

Vanity Fair
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe
Pride and Prejudice
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On October 23rd, 2005 01:24 am (UTC), buoy_wonder commented:
1. Day of the Triffids
2. 1984
3. The lion the witch and the wardrobe

I would like to point out I'm not fussed about what we read, so other people's choices should take preference over mine.
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On October 23rd, 2005 04:31 am (UTC), ourescape commented:
Heh. I wonder why nobody wants to read Vanity Fair. ):

Anyway, here are my choices:

1. Vanity Fair.
2. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe or Wuthering Heights. I would probably rather read the latter, but most people seem to be going with the former, so I guess I'll stick with that. Heh.
3. Pride and Prejudice (or any other Jane Austen novel).
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On October 23rd, 2005 10:33 am (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
At the moment Vanity Fair is coming in second:) So there's hope yet.
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On October 23rd, 2005 08:56 am (UTC), magikalcrab commented:
1. The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
2. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
3. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen


at the risk of being un-Australian, can I put in an official protest over Tim Winton? I was forced to read That Eye, The Sky and ... um, some other really, really boring book by him when I was in year 12, and I don't think anyone should ever, EVER be subjected to his writing again, ever.

Did I mention ever?

Just making sure.

On October 24th, 2005 04:24 am (UTC), beanzy replied:
Wow. You are the first person I've ever known who hasn't liked his writing.

I'm kind of impressed!
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On October 23rd, 2005 09:00 am (UTC), bitter_moss commented:
this is difficult! :o)
1. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
2. One Hundred Years of Solitude
3. Little Women
(and if we get round to Austen I vote for Emma!)
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On October 23rd, 2005 10:34 am (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
I'm more tempted by Emma too, simply becuase it's a little less well known. But maybe a lot of the others haven't read P&P?
On October 23rd, 2005 10:47 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
I agree. After Pride and Prejudice, I really like Mansfield Park, even though I know a lot of others do not, but I've seen the movie to Emma and think that would probably be a really good read too. I haven't read it yet, so I would definitely prefer that over Pride and Prejudice. I've read Pride and Prejudice quite a few times already, heh. (It's my favorite book.)
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On October 23rd, 2005 11:15 am (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
Mansfield Park's good too. Hey what am I saying? I'm and Austen whore. When I was 9, my mum gave me P&P, Emma and Northanger Abbey for Christmas. I haven't looked back.

And I join you on P&P being my favourite book.
On October 23rd, 2005 11:48 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
Aha, I can definitely relate. Most likely, I'm the type to praise any of Austen's novels. I really am upset with myself for not reading Emma, though. It's the only one I haven't read. I checked it out from the library and never got around to reading it. I hope we do end up covering that book in here at some point in time.

I even went to the library and checked out a book of short stories she wrote as a child. For a while, I just couldn't get enough of her, heh. Now, I'm in to reading sequels/adaptations of her novels by other authors. Of course, they're not the same, but they're still wonderful to me, simply because I've fallen in love with Austen's characters.

Yeah, I'm addicted. (:
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On October 23rd, 2005 11:54 am (UTC), hot_x_bunny replied:
I think we'll do Emma here (I hope so). She's a wonderful character to relate to.

I like some of the sequels - when they're well written. There's also a book of letters about Jane Austen or something... my memories going, my English teacher leant me here copy when I was at school.

*heads off to look on Amazon*

Found it - Letters to Alice:On first reading Jane Austen. It's written to her niece and is about Austen's writing and the world she lived in. From what I can remember it was very good (this may be old news to you)
On October 23rd, 2005 11:57 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
Ah, no, that isn't old news at all. It does sound interesting. I'll look in to it. Besides, that's another of the things that I like; I love books which are composed of a series of letters. Very fun to read.
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On October 23rd, 2005 11:18 am (UTC), bitter_moss replied:
I've just read Mansfield park for the first time and quite enjoyed it. Sense and Sensibility and Emma are my fave Austen, I feel a Pride and Prejudice overkill :S
On October 23rd, 2005 11:45 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
There definitely is an overkill with Pride and Prejudice, and that would usually cause me to try to not have it as a favorite, but it won't do that in this case, for some reason, heh. I generally do not like when things get too popular and have all of these people clamoring over them, but P&P is just my absolute favorite. I don't seem to be able to work that out of my head, ha. Believe me, I've tried. I've tried telling myself that Mansfield Park is my favorite, but my darn mind won't accept it. Haha. Sense and Sensibility is really good too, though. I read that aloud to my mother, and it was wonderful.

Overall, I just have a strong love for Austen, whatever the book may be. I even enjoyed Northanger Abbey, and I don't usually like satirical novels.
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On October 24th, 2005 08:36 am (UTC), bitter_moss replied:
I used to get annoyed when things got too popular, but i've decided if i love something i love it popular or not (like Harry Potter which I avoided for a long while and now i LOVE)
I though Northanger Abbey was really good - I enjoyed it more than P&P which to be honest i've never really got the big fuss about! At least compared to Austen's other works. I am looking forward to seeing the P&P movie tho :o)
On October 24th, 2005 08:41 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
Have you seen the 1995 BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice? I saw that before reading the book, and that is probably what made me fall so deeply in love with it. Really, it's difficult to see that movie without thinking it is absolutely wonderful.

Yeah, I think I've pretty much made the decision that you have. It would be too "fake" to pretend that I do not like something simply because so many others do or to pretend that I do like something because it's less known. That's ridiculous. I completely agree with you--if you love it, love it, popular or not. (:
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On October 24th, 2005 09:10 am (UTC), bitter_moss replied:
Thats the mini-series with the actress in your icon as Lizzie isn't it? If so yes I've seen it and I do remember enjoying it quite a lot. I can't remember whether I saw that or read the book 1st *damn flaky memory* lol. P&P was my 1st Austen though, then Emma. And I assume you've seen Sense and Sensibility (the one with kate Winslet). Stellar cast and WONDERFUL movie!
On October 24th, 2005 09:13 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
Actually, I'm not sure if I've seen Sense and Sensibility. Whenever I see other people with icons from that movie, it seems vaguely familiar, but I have this feeling that I haven't seen it. I really must. You've seen the movie for Emma, right?
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On October 24th, 2005 09:41 am (UTC), bitter_moss replied:
You REALLY must!
And yes I've seen Emma, and then read Emma for the 2nd time and LOVED it (whereas the 1st time i read it i wasn't actually that impressed :S)
On October 24th, 2005 09:43 am (UTC), ourescape replied:
Hah. Those who make the movies have done wonderful jobs when we notice much more how enjoyable a book can be.
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On October 24th, 2005 04:23 am (UTC), beanzy commented:
1. Day of the Triffids
2. 1984
3. Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
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