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Hi all - hope you are enjoying/enjoyed the book =)
I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about the representation of gender in the book.
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EDIT: Just found spark notes has a LWW section if anyone is interested in reading it...

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OK, so first discussion point I come to, covering the whole book Read more...Collapse )
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An entry for general thoughts, enthusiastic praise, criticism etc for when you've just finished the book. Somewhere to put your views before we start more focused discussion. Also any ideas you want to put forward.
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Just to get a rough idea of how everyone is doing with the book, and how we all keep up with each other, how far have you all got?
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Thanks for everyone's contributions. It looks like we're going to be starting with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C S Lewis.

Hopefully this will be a good starting point - it's probably the shortest and easiest book we had on out list (bar in mind it is for kids), so will get us into the swing of things nicely. Also, we have the added incentive of the film coming out soon.

Not knowing how fast we all are at reading, or how much time we get for it, we won't set targets on where to get to at the moment. If you reach an interesting point or have any comments to make, post in the community. Everyone can post, but I think there are a few out there who haven't joined and are only 'watching' - you'll need to join to post.

All posts should avoid spoilers int he visible text - keep it under an LJ-cut folks. Just some reference (by chapter - pages won't do any good as we'll all have different copies) to the point you've reached to be making the observations.

I'll do my best to add all posts in the memories so everyone can keep up, and find what they're looking for.

Any other suggestions, please tell me.

In the meantime, happy reading!
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Books that seem to have gained the most support are:

Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thackeray
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
1984 - George Orwell
Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (or Emma) - people wanted Austen, and I think these two are probably the best
Cloudstreet - Tim Winton your chance to get into some Australian literature
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis
One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez again, alternatives by him if everyone's read this are Love in a time of Cholera and The General in his Labyrinth.
The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas

If everyone could comment with their top three of these (in order), then we should be able to come with a list of what we're going to read.

Also - if anyone is going to have any problems getting hold of these titles (though I think most are multinational) let us know, and we'll see what we can do or remove it from the list:)

There are plenty more suggestions, and if any occur to you, just add them in the suggestions post (linked on the comm info) and eventually we'll hope to get through them all!
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Still open to suggestions to 'til the end of the week if some of our newer members have any ideas - we'll try and get the first book organised this weekend!
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In an effort to be organised, this entry is our suggestion box, linked from the info. Any ideas on what you want to read, not already posted, comment here...
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Right then - there's a few of us now so we can get going - a small group should be nice for friendly discussion!

So first book suggestions:

Just popped into my head...

Birds Without Wings ~Louis De Bernieres (I love Captain Corelli, and the SOuth American trilogy, but haven't read this one yet).

EM Forster - has been years since I read any of these, and a conversation last night made me think of them - Passage to India, Howard's End, Room with a View etc.

I think as there's not many of us, we could each suggest at least one, and work out way through one from each? Of course, if anyone has strong objections to books suggested - say! (Anyone tries to make me read Catcher in the Rye again and I'll stomp)

Suggestions then...

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And next, probably more importantly, ideas for the first book to read...

If possible it should be a book widely available so that anyone in any country will be able to get their hands on a copy. (and in my case, not too new, as I'll be getting it from the library, not buying *g*)

Any requests of book, author, things you really don't want.

Just for some ideas, here's a link to the BBC's top 100 books.
The Big Read

We can always have another poll once we have some suggestions...

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